DaVinci Emily Mini Crib Reviews

The Perfect Crib I Bought

I live in a small apartment and the second time I got pregnant and came to know that I was having twins; I did not know how to rearrange my room in a manner that it could fit two cribs. When I went shopping for my twin sons the first time, I was overwhelmed by the size of the cribs available. They were large, and I did not have the space for them. On top of that, I was having twins and two cribs of that size would have meant shifting my bed out of the room.


My issue was acute space crunch, and there were very few options available that could address this issue well. When I researched online and visited a few baby care product stores, I found an excellent option that could easily fit in my space and had an option of converting into a twin bed.

The Emily Mini Crib is a super-saver as far as space is concerned. It is an excellent alternative to the conventional full size crib. The charm and finish of the mini crib will create a neat and tidy nursery for your new one. The best feature of this crib and the one that appealed to me the most are that it can be easily converted into a twin bed. The conversion is literally very simple and hassle-free.


The dimensions of the assembled crib are 39.5 x 28 x 37.875 inches. The product weighs close to 34.5 lbs and is made from high quality pine wood.

Besides this, no conversion kits or bed rails for converting the bed into a twin bed are included with the product. Therefore, if you wish to convert the mini crib into a twin bed, you will have to buy the additional conversion kit.

However, the product does include a 1 inch waterproof pad and comes with a limited warranty of 1 year. According to the product specification, you should not use the crib after your child has reached a height of 35 inches and more.

Note: There are 6 colors available: cherry, ebony, espresso, honey oak (see picture), natural, white.

Features I Like

I am extremely happy with the crib and all that it does for me. It is solid, sturdy, elegant and highly functional. To tell you the truth, this crib looks much better in real life. The pictures can deceive you a lot of times. The screws, holes and gaps, are covered to ensure that the high standards of safety are maintained.

You will not be able to notice this feature for the reason that the same is nearly invisible on dark colored cribs. The mattress available with the crib is just right for its size. I would not recommend you to try the bigger sized mattress as it will completely tarnish the purpose.


One of the primary considerations that forced me to buy this product is the fact that it can be easily converted into a twin bed. However, you shall be required to buy a conversion kit for doing the same, but the fact that the option exists was enough a reason for me. I do wish the crib could be converted into a toddler and daybed, but sadly that option does not exist.

A concern of parents considering mini cribs is that the child will outgrow too quickly, and they will have to buy a new one too soon. However, in a lot of the forums that I researched, I found the most parents were able to use their mini bed for as long as one year. They had to switch directly to a toddler bed or a full size bed, which you will have to do anyway.

Certified as Safe

None of the parts of this crib move. Therefore, the ensemble is extremely stable and safe for the child. Besides this, the crib also meets international safety standards and guidelines like CPSC and ASTM.

Four-Level Mattress Support

The crib comes with a four level mattress support, which gives you ample number of options to ensure that you are at the comfort while lifting the baby without risking the safety of the child.


The finish of the product is non-toxic and phthalate and lead free. Therefore, this crib belongs to the category of eco-friendly cribs.

Reviews by Other People

I had joined a support group of new mothers during my pregnancy. Child care products topped our list of topics for discussion. Some of the women in the support club had already used this product for their older children and were planning to buy it for their newborns too. Their views about the product were as follows –

“This is just the perfect crib for small spaces. You will surely not be able to find a better one in this category.”

“I love the look of this mini crib. It matches with my existing furniture flawlessly and performs its functions in full capacity.”

“The product is great! I just wish it was convertible.”

Where to Purchase

Although, it is always a good idea to have a look at the product at a local store, it is advisable to buy it online. You can order the DaVinci Emily Mini Crib on the Amazon website. Click here for more information.

Final Words

These mini cribs are a new concept in the baby care industry. Therefore, you may face issues in finding bedding. You can consider sewing the bedding yourself, or like I did, consider buying the crib sheets that are designed for pack-n-plays. The sheets are inexpensive and solve my purpose in full capacity.

I am glad I bought this crib. I can fit in anywhere I want. Overall, I am satisfied with this product and will recommend it to anyone who is looking for a crib for smaller spaces. Click here to buy this at the lowest price.


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